About us

The Zemgale Business Center (ZUC) is a support point for existing and future businessmen in the region, it provides coordinated support for business development in the region and forms a single consulting network, coordinating cooperation with other business support institutions.

ZUC role in the business support environment

  • Capacity building for business specialists in municipalities;
  • Business support activities (training and marketing);
  • Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in young people.

Business Environment vision

Business Environment vision (Zemgale 2027) A region with a competitive economy, an increase in exports in Zemgale’s economic specialisation sectors and a supportive business environment.

ZUC goal

ZUC goal is to organize the business ecosystem and infrastructure, promote knowledge transfer and innovations in Zemgale’s economic specialization and RIS 3 sectors, and increase the competitiveness of Zemgale entrepreneurs in global markets.


1. To provide basic information and consultations for future and existing entrepreneurs;

2. Organize seminars on support for business start-up and development;

3. Coordinate the participation of entrepreneurs in exhibitions and fairs;

4. Organize networking and experience exchange trips for entrepreneurs and municipalities;

5. Organize a meeting with business support institutions and partners;

7. Provide a Digital contact point for entrepreneurs of the Zemgale planning region;

8. Promote the involvement of young people in business by organizing business idea contests, workshops and trainings.