Business Support

Being neighbors with 588 kilometers of the border and having common cultural and economic relationships, Latvia and Lithuania  improved their competitiveness and influence in the global business market. It was achieved by improvement of cooperation in both countries and establishment of business support system coordination.  Project implemented in cooperation with various business support providers of Latvia and Lithuania, what ensured broader view of business promotion solutions and services in the cross border territory. The project aim was to promote business development, providing support services and strengthening cooperation between business support institutions, thus contributing viability of the business ideas focusing on business start-ups and self-employment.

During project life cycle was analyzed strengths and weaknesses of business support services and business support system implementation possibilities in Latvia and Lithuania resulting with workshops and training’s to set the beast approaches and needs for business development activities in partner territories. Technical infrastructure was improved including ICT tools which  improved information availability for young entrepreneurs and establishment of 2 new business support centers in Aizkraukle and Rokiskis.

Project had an extra focus on use of modern technologies by creating joint platform what  connect all project partners support centers and their home pages in joint network with  integrated advisory system for young entrepreneurs ensuring the possibilities to consult each interested party about each county legislation, rules, possibilities, etc. thus allowing practically consult also about cross border businesses.

During the project it was established mentoring network to support business survival and development in Latvia and Lithuania. There are existing a lot of support services for business starting, but project also wanted to provide support network for new entrepreneurs who already are working and provide them with experts who can share their experience during several business activities. Project also included provision of various educational and advisory activities like e-learning platform, local training seminars, business days, forum and workshops on products design and export and provision of digital tool for the export and marketing (was  created brochures, video and movies) for business start-ups and export development.

By creation of such joint business support system it was created collective opinion how to promote business development and support innovative business ideas. Such network will allow setting priorities, including all business support institutions in Zemgale, Kurzeme and Northern Lithuania and concentrating resources on most valuable activities.

Project results:

  1. Created Cross border mentor-consultant network can be accessed trough or by contacting each partner direclty.
  2. During the project 125 mentors signed the agreement, willing to be a part of the network. They have participated in 19 two day training’s and four mentor networking events.
  3. Promotional materials:
  • created Booklet/brochure about business support services in 2 languages , 1000 in total Booklets about business support services in LT_LV_PP7
  • created notebooks 500, with information about project Notebook
  • created videos about Zemgale Planning region, Aizkraukle business support center, , mentor network, Export, Rokiskis library, business and NGOs cluster “Enterprising library” – Links-to-Videos (1)

4. Created two new business support centers:

Aizkraukle business support center;

Rokiskis library, business and NGOs cluster “Enterprising library”;

web links to centres

5. Created e-learning platform  

And another tool

6. Created Research ENG   Research of business support system implementation possibilities in Latvia and Lithuania

7.  Kurzeme Planning region made Export materials, tools for entrepreneurs, marketing tools, e-learning courses   – Links Kurzeme Planning region courses for Entrepreneurs

8. Were organized training’s for entrepreneurs about digital marketing, export, were organized business days and other training’s.