Summary of the project

“Development and promotion of Pskov and Zemgale cross border business support environment” project will develop and support small and medium business cooperation in LV-RU border area bringing together two Latvian and one Russian business support organizations.

Zemgale planning region (LV) partners with Fund for guarantees and SME support of the Pskov region (RU), attracting Vidzeme planning region (LV) as an associate partner to help new generations of businessmen in Latvia and Russia build contacts and expertise in cross-border business communication.

The project aims to give a comprehensive impetus to cross-border business cooperation by education, bringing together and offering opportunities both to business support structures and actual entrepreneurs:

  • three business support centers in Zemgale, Pskov and Vidzeme will train their specialists in specific export support measures for SME in the area of joint border – both at traditional seminars and during a special business cooperation simulation game. Business support centers will purchase exhibition equipment;
  • after training in Zemgale and Pskov, 20 pilot SMEs will be selected for targeted consultative support by business centers specialists and tailored individual B2B meetings.

“SMEPRO” project focuses on a very specific topic – export-import relations for SMEs in Latvia and Russia offering every opportunity to make informed and legitimate decisions when bringing your business abroad.

Project budget:

  • Total budget – 249 996.04 EUR
  • Programme co-financing – 224 996.44 EUR

List of partners:

  • Zemgale Planning Region
  • Fund for guarantees and SME support of the Pskov region

Lead Beneficiary:

Zemgale Planning Region
Katoļu str. 2B, Jelgava, LV3001, LatviaZemgale
Phone: +371 630 27 549E-mail:
Total partner budget:149 943.55 EUR