The objective of Zemgale Business Center is to create a regional support network for entrepreneurs, which will act as a stock of knowledge and resources, providing coordinated support for business development in the region.

Activities of the Zemgale Business Center:

1.    Providing information and consultaions for entrepreneurs and start-ups about business support programs and services in the region;
2.    Organization of seminars about business start-up, development, diversification, funds atrtraction opportunities;
3.    Coordinate participation inf exhibitions and fairs for Zemgale Planing region entrepreneurs and local goverments;
4.    Organization of networking and experience exchange activities for Zemgale region entrepreneurs and local governments.
5.    Organize meeting with business support institutions and entrepreneurs;
6.    Promote and update home page http://www.zuc.zemgale.lv
7.    Promote and update Zemgale investment map http://maps.kartes.lv/

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